I design product experiences that simplify complexity
You'll find me scribbling, experimenting, and observing how people interact with the world.
I have been designing product experiences for developers, technical audiences, and enterprise users for over 10 years. The most rewarding feeling for me is empowering people to achieve their goals by focusing on what's important to them. I love designing for builders especially because they're multipliers motivated by creating things for others. 

I'm also passionate about developing design practices and design teams. Designers are uniquely skilled at navigating challenging problems and creating experiences that are both functional and elegant. I personally enjoy helping designers break through complexity and develop skills that enable them to have make a big impact within their teams and for their users.

I'm drawn to hyper-collaborative and fast-paced environments where I'm working through complex and unchartered problems while innovating on practices along the way. I strongly believe that empathy, experimentation, and fast iteration are key to developing great experiences.
I currently lead a team of 5 designing the Developer Platform at Cloudflare.

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